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Furniture + Object Design

Moving Clutch

A small foray into handbag culture, The Moving Clutch is a play on the 'Moving Truck', where the bag takes the form of a box-truck. New Yorkers are constantly moving themselves and their things, catering both to our economy & also poor environmental conditions. As congestion pricing looms, how will the future of moving affect the ‘design-moving-industry’ for better or worse. I’ve chosen this form as my souvenir since most of the souvenir’s purchased in NYC are likely moved or trucked into the city for purchase before once again being driven or flown back out. As I design and make this toy-like fashion object, I wonder, what’s left behind in our city after the local lifecycle of the souvenirs we buy? And, what happens when we only move things we can carry in our hands, rather than in a truck?




Designed By

Bronsin Ablon


Shown in Black Tinted Walnut, Black Leather, Brass Hardware, Black Textile


5" height x 10" width x 2" depth

Available From

Bronsin Ablon © 2022

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