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Furniture + Object Design

Pillow Stool Remix 02

In 2021 Studio Guapo approached Work At Hand to remix and reimagine the studio’s iconic Pillow Stool (2019). Originally rendered in white oak and black leather, Bronsin (Work At Hand) and Matt (Studio Guapo) worked together to find unique and street-style inspired materials to compose one-of-one Art Stools. Sourcing material locally in New York City, Bronsin fabricated the stools at his studio. Matt then applied his unique collage and graphics to the three stools. The materials, hardware, and graphic additions are inspired by Matt’s experience in the NYC set design and street wear scenes. The composition of materials and graphics transform the stools into ‘wearable’ objects that a shopper could ‘walk out the store with’





Designed By

Guapo x Work At Hand


Shown in grey Formica, black textile, metal hardware, collage graphics


18" height, 14.5" width, 14.5" depth

Available From

Bronsin Ablon © 2022

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